Adhesive Bona R850

£ 87.00 each

Hard-elastic parquet adhesive


7 kg
15 kg


Bona R850 is an elastic one-component silane-based adhesive for parquet floors. It is water and solvent-free and causes practically no swelling of the wood. Firm texture – it retains the trowel pattern. Available in a 600ml ‘sausage’ pack, Bona R850T is a high viscosity adhesive made for gun application. Rapid setting, the hardened adhesive has a firm texture and can be used on nearly all sub floors.


• 1-component, easy to handle
• soft elastic
• water and solvent free, nearly no swelling of the wood
• wood adhesion to almost all substrates and timber materials,
  splashed material can be easy removed
• firm texture – retains trowel pattern...

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