Adhesive Bona R848

£ 96.00 each

Hard-elastic parquet adhesive


7 kg
15 kg

Bona R848 is an elastic one-component silane based adhesive designed for the installation of engineered or solid wood floors (solid wood floors up to 190mm wide boards).

All Bona silane based adhesives are safe and clean to work with and are suitable for use with underfloor heating. They leave no black finger marks and spills can be easily removed from pre-finished surfaces.


  • 1-component, easy to handle
  • Excellent initial “green grab” means the flooring stays in place
  • Rapid shear strength development – Flooring is ready for furniture and foot traffic in one day
  • Water and solvent free, nearly no swelling of the wood
  • Good adhesion to almost all substrates and timber materials, splashed material can be easy removed
  • Firm texture – retains trowel pattern
  • Easy to clean – Will not harm the finish on pre-finished trim and floors; will not stain hands
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