Adhesive Bona Titan

£ 162.00 each

Titanium Technology


Bona Titan is the newest generation of wooden floor adhesives with the revolutionary Titanium Technology.

Due to its unbeatable initial bonding strength and resilience against migration, Bona Titan produces strong, stable ribs with no hollow spots, while preventing subfloor substances from affecting the adhesive’s structure. Because the hard silane-based adhesive contains no liquid extenders or ingredients that can migrate after curing, this also eliminates the risk of discolouration at the joints. The result is safer, stronger, longer lasting wooden floors.
Bona Titan is suitable for all wooden floor installations. Because it is fast curing and requires no primer when applied under normal subfloor conditions, it is the most effective, economical and convenient solution. For stability, performance and titan strength, now there’s just one choice.

• Revolutionary titanium crosslinking technology
• Ultimate durability
• Solvent-free, very low VOC
• Suitable for all wood installations*
• High shear strength
• No hollow spots
• Long term stability
• Fast initial bonding and curing saves time
• for both contractors and floor owners
• No primer required, saving time and money
• Extremely high grab for easy application


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